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June 8th, 2017

When Design Aligns

With a new creative space opening it’s doors, we wanted to update our look. We turned to creative agency Magpie to create a brand as cool as our collaborative spaces promise to be…

The name and the old logo came after someone commented that they felt post production was like another planet! Although we wanted a rebrand, it was important to us that we kept this sentiment as the focus. The addition of a second planet in the logo allows us to stand out as the other one, the better one, the place you want to be!

Our new website features the original purple, with a bright green used throughout to bring it to life. We wanted our new logo to be full of personality, and the hand drawn font which Magpie created really works for us. The site and logo were created at the same time, resulting in a well-aligned design.

We’re pretty chuffed!