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June 8th, 2017

Our New Space is Taking Shape

Introducing a new style of post-production working, and a new place to do so! We’re expanding our facilities, with new creative working spaces.

Seconds down the road, our second building offers spaces that are unusual, atmospheric, and designed for different ways of working.

The whole space will have more of a customer focus and places to both work and relax in, with a bar and meeting rooms already taking shape. Under development, an open plan office space will encourage collaboration, while purpose built rooms will provide yet another style of working zone. Everything has been custom made, creating unique new environments within the space.

With more space, comes more equipment! We’ve focused on more commercial specific equipment – centred around Flame finishing and Protools/Neve dubbing. Multiple graphic suites and V/O booth add to our already impressive investment in equipment.

Parts of our new post production space are under construction, but we’ve had customers keen to try out the available facilities. We’re yours to make use of, so get in touch if you’d like to take our existing or soon-to-be facilities for a spin: 0113 450 6060.